A Statement of Purpose
“The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority”Ken Blanchard Throughout the years of intermediate and high school, I was an active member of the Boy Scouts of Saudi Arabia. Boy Scouting developed my physical and personal qualities. While in Scouts, my teachers and Scout Masters discovered my strong leadership skills and put me in charge of most of the school and Boy Scouting activities. At that time, my beliefs about leadership roles were related to obedience and power. However, that changed when I joined the university as I realized that management and leadership is about inspiration and influence, not about power. Due to the current trends towards international economy and the exceptional explosion of free trade and exchange worldwide, Saudi Arabia is about to face a huge change in many different aspects. Saudi organizations need a change in their management cultures and philosophy. New tools and methodologies need to be introduced. To this challenging and changing environment I intend to contribute by developing practical solutions to various problems of management. Thus, my career goal is to be a great leader in one of the most important government organizations in Saudi Arabia. During my undergraduate study, I developed an interest in exploring the areas of management. What interests me most about Organizational Development and Leadership is that it not only requires scientific knowledge, but also the art of applying that knowledge in the real world. Another factor that makes this field very interesting for me is understanding the role of leadership and developing the needed skills and knowledge to be a great leader. I have a passion for leadership which will give me the opportunity to inspire others and change their lives. To help you understand my current professional goals and research interests better, I would like to explain my educational experience up to this point. I…

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