Mkt 211 Chapter 1 Question & Problem

Chapter 1 Question & Problem
1. Morning grooming
Check weather
Make and drink coffee
Get dressed
Get in vehicle and turn on morning talk show station
Drive to workThe products I use in the bathroom, the coffee I drink, and the clothes I wear are influenced by marketing. The commercials convinced me to try soap products, toothpaste, and the coffee I drink. Marketing may persuade one to try a new product but ultimately the product or services must live up to the “hype” to keep consumers coming back.2. If a producer creates a really revolutionary new product and consumers can learn about it and purchase it at a website, is any additional marketing effort really necessary? Explain your thinkingIf consumer can learn and purchase the new product on its website, additional marketing would not be necessary. The purpose of marketing is to publicize to consumers about a new product and where to buy it. If all the consumer information is available on via website then it is unnecessary to have additional marketing.3. Distinguish between the micro and macro views of marketing. Then explain how they are interrelated, if they are. The view of micro marketing are a set of activities performed by organizations and macro marketing is a view as a social process or the emphasis how the whole marketing system works overall. Micro and macro marketing are interrelated as a process. Micro marketing is part of macro marketing system. Macro directs an economy’s flow of goods and services form producers to consumers in a way that effectively matches supply and demand and accomplishes the objectives of society.4 Between producers and consumers is hampered by spatial separation in time, separation of information and values and separation of may love your cell phone but you probably don’t know when or where it was produced or how to got to you the people in the factory that produced it don’t know your or how you live.5 In two…

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