Lillyellas’ Well Short Story

18TH September 2012
Short Story: Lillyella’s WellThe sky was light grey and small drops of rain trailed down the dirty cars windows. The road had a few potholes and every now and then the car would violently jump and make a scraping sound. Lillyella was silently sitting in on the worn out, once beige leather seats, in the back of the car. Lillyella was dressed in her white Sunday dress with her nicely polished shoes and had her fine brunette hair tied up in a tight bun. Her deep turquoise eyes stared out the window, looking out at the vast expands of dark forest and muddy, barren farmland. Her grandfather was focused on the road, with his thick circular glasses on which amplified his eyes about 3 times and his fine silver hair dangling in front of his face. His old veiny hand gripped to the gearshift as if his life depended on it. As the rain pinged against the tin roof, the opera music of Norma could be heard throbbing out of the radio. Lillyella did not speak a word with her grandfather nor did he speak a word to her. She and her grandparents did not have the most loving relationship. They hated her and she hated them, and now she was going to live with them. She was overjoyed.She had never been to her grandparent’s house and, when you’re young, you have that lovely picture of a little cottage with a lush garden and two very happy grandparents. This was not at all like that. This house, which had in its day had been a prestigious Tudor villa, was now a dark gloomy, paint peeling imposing structure. The shingles on the roof had grown moldy and the once frightening gargoyles had become worn away clumps on the sides of the house. The park in the back of the house was probably the best looking are of the entire property. It was a well-tended fairy tale like garden with spherical shrubs and tall ominous white oaks, with fountains, hedges and hundreds of different types of flowers.Two weeks had passed since she?d arrived and Lilly was painfully bored….

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