Oltiby Site provides the auction service for consumers, businesses and other organizations and entities to conduct reverse auctions. All items offered at are being purchased and sold by Internet users and not Buyers and Sellers are solely responsible for making sure that all the transactions (monetary and shipping) are completed for their mutual will benefit consumers and companies by dramatically reduced prices of any product or procuring commodity. Reverse auctions are superior way to purchase food, books, cars, computers, jewelry, and other products. Quick Guide to Oltiby Reverse Auction first. 7 Easy Steps To Understand Reverse Auctions. This mini-guide will guide we through the process of Oltiby system. In one minute we will definitely love the idea and learn about the benefits of using Oltiby as our source of procurement. We start the reverse auction by posting our order for free and by specifying in detail what we want to buy. Sellers compete against each other at, in real-time auctions to win we as a customer, driving down the price in the process. They are given a specified time frame within they have to submit their offers. At the end, the lowest bidder wins the auction. We, as a buyer, have an option to choose a different bidder (seller) from among the participants if we desire so. Reverse Auction Success In 3 Steps Fristly, the Buyer define and submit an order for free and a reverse-auction date is scheduled. If we wish, we can choose the potential sellers from our database and invite them to the bidding auction.
In addition, we monitor the activity: The Reverse-Auction is held until the scheduled end-time. Multiple sellers can participate in the bidding process. Beside that, After the bid ends we have 24hrs to decide and let us know if we want the contact information of more then one seller. We receive the seller’s contact information and can make contact with them for our final qualification…

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