Article, “Democrats Deliver For Texas School Children,” review

Article Review

            In the article, “Democrats Deliver For Texas School Children,” the author puts forth an argument that the democrats in the Texas House of Representatives served the public good by blocking measures on private school voucher systems while delivering on the promise of providing additional funding to local public schools. This funding includes a raise for teachers so that they can perform their job to the best of their ability.

            The author is clear to point out in the article that the Democrats and the Republicans have clearly diverse constituencies and goals. Those who align with the public education system, teachers and teachers unions will be best suited to keep their political allegiances towards the Democrats. Of course, whether one agrees with this point will be based on what part of the aisle one’s political sensibilities rest. To some, the democrats actions are heroic, to others the actions will be a great negative. Such is politics. Hopefully, most will approach the issue of debate with a sense of fairness and maturity.

            The article in and of itself is a well written article that stresses the points in a clear and concise matter. There is, of course, a significant presence of editorializing on the part of the author. This, however, is not a negative because the author does not hide the fact that he is editorializing. If such editorializing was performed in a deceptive manner, then the article would be wide open for criticism. As an Op-Ed piece, however, the article works well in serving the purpose that it seeks to serve: it provides a report of successful actions on the part of the democrats to those whose are their constituents. As an informative piece, this is well written.

            In terms of my own personal learning experience, I was surprised to see the level of partisan divide that exists on the local level. While the theater of partisan divide is quite rampant on the world stage and on the national circuit, on the local level, there is usually a much more benign approach. In other words, there exists a greater degree of cooperation and bipartisanship on the part of the Democrats and Republicans. Clearly, in the Texas Legislature, this bipartisan cooperation dissolves (to a certain degree) on certain topics and issues.

            Also, it was eye opening to learn about the status of school voucher support in the state. While the subject of school vouchers seems to come up now and then on the local and federal level, it does not seem to ever go anywhere. Upon reading the article, it becomes clear that the reason vouchers are not successful is because there does not to seem to be much popular support for vouchers namely because it diverts public funds to the private sector. This is something that the public generally opts not to support even on a minimal level.

            Ultimately, it becomes eye opening to see how impassioned the Texas legislature is. Also, watching the actions of the Texas legislature is quire provocative because, in a way, the actions that take place in the Texas legislature exist as a microcosm of the issues that will eventually affect people on a national level. The issue of school vouchers is one that has attempted to pick up steam nationally, but never really succeeded. Upon examination of the actions of the Texas legislature, one can see how the people react to an issue because the legislature has a much more intimate relationship with constituents because, by its very nature, it exists on the local level and is not lost in the huge menagerie that is the federal legislative process.

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