Analyze individual and societal influences that lead to deviance from dominant group norms

Analyze individual and societal influences that lead to deviance from dominant group norms. People who become part of a group or are members of that group share similar characteristics of the same nature. “When there is proof of the uniqueness of a team, such person is believed to have an effect of black sheep, as he refused guidelines of the group and left the group. Individuals who are member of the group experience have more trouble with party members rather than out-group members.

Differences happen when an individual of a group understands and sees the implications of having a reward for his or her behavior. Difference happens when individuals understand and see the cost implications to reward their behavior. This behavior, deviance, is considered distracting and bad influence. It is considered negative when associated with criminals and addicts. People who deviate, are able to develop a sense of self-identity and truly are aware of the decision they are making.

“Anomaly occurs because people develop an identity sense or self-understanding, which becomes their personal life standard,” however many of these people from the group become “anomaly learned contra conventional ways or objectives and attitudes of support in their early socialization. “ An individual is prepared for deviance with this type of learning and social behavior that prepares for elimination of conservative norms and legitimacy from the group.

The process of deviance happens with normal learning processes and with different theories of association, attitude learning, motivation values and knowledge to a degree that all of these becomes part of his identity and makes him or her strong enough for commitment. The learning process and the socialization help the individual change a very straight forward experience eliminating all conservative standards to neutral place, eliminating the guilt, underlying important personal characteristics.

Also, deviation of a group is possible for having individuals who have inspirational behavior but no chance of becoming a leader in the group. There are standards that are required as key element to eliminate tendency of the group going for deviance. The most important factor of preventing deviance within the group is communication of feelings. “If members of a group are participants who are active, who know they have a potential in the group, who are well known of their skills or position in the group, which is less likely to deviate from the group.

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