An Entymology Of The Word Fuck Essay

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Fuck! Is that violative to you? Why is the word? *censored* ? such a tabu word in the English linguistic communication every bit opposed to its definition of? sexual intercourse? ? It would look to do sense that if a word is violative it? s significance would be twice that. Queerly, sex is non an violative word at all, and is used often in formal conversations and Hagiographas. Upon oppugning, non one individual could give a concrete reply on why the word offended them, they would merely state? oh, merely because, and wear? T usage that sort of linguistic communication in forepart of you mother? . ? Merely because? , is non a valid reply and doesn? T explicate my inquiry. So I started my pursuit to larn the significance behind the significance, and angering many bibliothecs in the procedure.

The printed history of the word? *censored* ? was foremost documented in a verse form by Dunbar in 1503, and subsequently documented in 1598 in a slang lexicon as a definition of the word? Fottere? . By the eighteenth century, if printed at all, the word would be? F? K? . Than the great author James Joyce published the word? Fuck? in his book? Ulysses? in 1922, however the word has remained a major tabu in formal authorship.

I so went directly to? The Cassell Dictionary of Slang? , which traced the word? *censored* ? all the manner back to the late seventeenth century ; ? An act of sexual intercourse? or sex. This term? s significance remained merely? sex? until the late eighteenth century when it? s term seemed to unpredictably alter to intend? anything at all that is negative? . As the first portion of the twentieth century axial rotations around, the word evolves rather a spot. First, it? s significance comes to include? a individual, ( normally a adult female ) ? for illustration? She/he was a good *censored* ? .

In 1920 it was inclusive to? a ugly individual? , and in 1930? used in comparings? . With find of movies there was a new type of film called the? *censored* film? . Yet, the word was non widely used until after World War 2, in which it is seen in such acronyms as FUBIS ( Fuck you buddy I? m transporting out ) or FUBAR ( Fucked up beyond all acknowledgment ) . The true glorification of the word? *censored* ? was non brought to it? s potency till the 1970? s when it? s significance came to include? nil? , ? bad fortune? , ? the spirit, ex- kicking the *censored* out of? , and? bespeaking a difference of importance. ? This gives a small penetration into why? *censored* ? is so violative, but nil concrete.

In researching the etymology of the word, I discovered that it? s beginning is really fly-by-night. The closest word to the English? *censored* ? is the German word? frikken? or the Norweigen word? fukken? all which mean to mate. In Swedish? focka? means to strike or force, ? fock? describes a phallus, and? given the overplus of euphemisms comparing intercourse or incursion with dramatic or striking, there may be confirmations in the suggestion of a root word in Latin? pugnare? – to strike. ? But, as it is subsequently stated in the book, there is no prolonging grounds towards the etymology of the tabu word? *censored* ? .

So why is the word *censored* so violative? Possibly, because it describes sex in a really un-holy mode or because it was made popular by the military and is considered a? crewman word? . My ain intuitions tell me it? s merely like human nature to happen something that offends them and travel with it. Besides, could you conceive of stealing and non holding a expletive word to cry the extreme hurting?

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