Measuring Agreement Between Diagnostic Devices: Summary

Measuring Agreement Between Diagnostic Devices: Summary             The recommended method for diagnosing apnea is polysomnography. As physicians and the public have gained awareness of sleep apnea, there has been a steadily increasing demand for the investigation of patients who are suspected of having this disorder, which in many laboratories resulted in unacceptable long waiting lists. […]

Responding to socio-economic and racial differences

Walker-Dalhouse, D.  (Fall 2005).  Discipline: responding to socio-economic and racial             differences.  Childhood education.  Retrieved on January 24, 2008, from    Discipline:       Responding to Socio-economic and Racial Differences             The article relates the experiences of the author teaching in a 4th grade class form of disciplinary methods that have been proposed by Marva Collins, […]

Racism or the Supplement of Multiculturalism

Racism or the Supplement of Multiculturalism Racism has been deeply embedded in the structure of our society that it even exists in countries that are supposedly liberal. Canada, a country that avowedly celebrates the plurality of cultures, is no exemption. Despite it supposedly multicultural attitude, Canada remains a country hinged on racism. This assertion begs […]

The article “E-Contract Formation: US and EU Perspectives” review

ARTICLE SYNOPSIS The article “E-Contract Formation: US and EU Perspectives” discusses important legal and managerial issues connected with contract formation in Cyberspace. Kierkegaard  (2007) addresses two problems of e-contract formation: legal protection of a potential consumer and unified legal rules for marketers. Also, the author argues that many states in the US do not have […]

Article Review on Political and Ethical Issues in the Society

Article Review on Political and Ethical Issues in the Society Introduction      Globalization’s effects on major human communities today, being at large, is directly implying the fact that the number of the people being involved in a culturally diverse society are definitely increasing in rate. In effect, the said people are facing different challenges depending […]

He Hits, She Hits: An Article Review

1)Purpose of the Study The purpose of this article was to examine gender symmetry or asymmetry in intimate partner violenc (IPV ) offending and victimization through officially collected data and to add to the debate over gender symmetry or asymmetry in IPV perpetration and victimization by examining the context and consequences of these cases through […]

Article Review of CPOE

Article Review of CPOE             Every year, there are numerous reports about patients receiving erroneous medical treatment that threatens their lives or puts an end to it. This is why numerous innovations are being developed to lessen the instances of putting patients’ lives at risk and to lessen the cost that hospitals have to spend […]

Comparisons of Three NY Times’ Articles

Comparisons of Three NY Times’ Articles Summaries I. Prenatal Test Puts Down syndrome in Hard Focus By AMY HARMON DETROIT May 9, 2007      The article deals with an issue pertaining unborn/born children with disabilities, particularly those afflicted with Down syndrome. It has brought to the fore many details related to bearing and rearing up […]

Musculoskeletal Concerns

In Foyle’s 2008 article entitled, Musculoskeletal Conditions, she notes that as she was working in a hospital, she noticed that many people were coming in with fractured ankles.  In aiming to better understand the musculoskeletal system, Foyle researched some facts related to common health conditions.  In collecting information on the most widespread diseases, she learned […]

Structural functionlism theory

In any political system are structures that have different functions to ensure an effective and smooth running of things in that particular political system. This is why this essay will discuss the problems faced by opposition political parties in Zambia using the structural functionalist theory. First it will explain what structural functionalism is, then it […]