Understanding School Systems: The Key to Educational Improvement

Understanding School Systems: The Key to Educational Improvement             In an article by O’Day concerning the school systems in the country, the author persisted that for education to improve, the organizations and processes happening in the systems should first be understood. It is by doing so that one can correctly evaluate the efficiency of the […]

Implications of Internet Access

Implications of Internet Access With the way things are going, nothing can stop the growing popularity of the Internet. People of all ages have different reasons for accessing the Internet—some use it for work, research, or gaming; while others use it for self-gratification. The articles, Multiple Subjectivity ad Virtual Communication at the End of the […]

Article by Ehrenberg

Abstract             Margaret Ehrenberg (1989) offers a new theory of hominid evolution, making special emphasis on the matrifocal character of early social formations. Food collection patterns, the division or labor, tool-using, and social changes have ultimately resulted in the formation of the two distinct images – that of the “Man the Hunter” and that of […]


“New More Efficient Ways to Use Biomass,” is a piece dated September 26th of the year 2008 from the online science research journal ScienceDaily that is rather self-explanatory in its title. The article summarizes a journal article from Angewandte Chemie, which reports that a group of scientists, mostly from China, but in collaboration with other […]

Social Environmental Reporting and Hegemonic Discourse

Article Annotation Spence, Crawford, 2007, ‘Social Environmental Reporting and Hegemonic Discourse’, Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, vol.20, No.6, pp.855-882. In this article Crawford Spence provides detailed overview of social and environmental reporting, whereas special attention is paid to history of development. Over the past twenty years social and environmental reporting have become more entrenched as […]

Training effectiveness and methodologie

Article Analysis Summary             The articles are selected primarily in the context of the UAE, and the focus has been on the training effectiveness and methodologies used for training people to acquire knowledge and implement quality management. The cost effectiveness is primary concern of the organization and training mechanism is integrated to assist the needs […]

The Immorality of Homosexuality

Article Analysis             “The Immorality of Homosexuality” discusses why homosexuality is wrong and that there is no excuse for it. The author believes that gay people are just ill and that the whole issue is medically-related. The author indicates that the act of having a relationship with the same sex is immoral and unacceptable.             […]

School Accountability: Credibility and Measurement

School Accountability: Credibility and Measurement             Evaluation of a school’s quality education does not only entail the students’ achievements but also the mechanisms that the school administration employs. Accountability in schools can thus, be evaluated by looking through the over-all school system and the context in which the school exists in the society it belongs.