on pop culture

Introduction Technological advancements the last decades have contributed to the creation of a globalized era, with the English language as a common denominator, as the major language spoken between those who do not share any language. Globalization have made it possible for an extreme output of popular culture that has mainly origins of English speaking […]

Innovation Involved in the Development of the Apple Mac

In my Essay I will discuss the role of technology as it‘s incorporated as an explicit component, focusing on the conceptualisation, Invention, innovation, and diffusion of Apple technologies, specifically aiming the topics towards the development of the Apple Mac. Whilst also looking at how the fundamentals of the mac’s core competencies has a ripple effect […]

How mass media affects youth culture

Cathode ray tube, Mass media, Media influence By roxannegoh Jan 20, 2014 2174 Words 234 Views PAGE 9 OF 10 “Educators are challenged more seriously than ever before to teach young people to evaluate media more critically and to grow in taste and discrimination as they use media in school and at home. ” What […]

Level of economic development in country affects planning and management

The type of urban problems that require careful planning and management are largely decided by the economic wealth of a countryside. LEDC countries have problems with rapid urbanisation into the cities. However, on the other hand the problems that MEDC countries face include; suburbanisation, counter urbanisation. Urbanisation is the process in which people move to […]


The documentary film, Ang Buhay Ng Isang Bayani(The Life Of A Hero), shows me how Jose Rizal lived his life with his own ideas and principles. Although he existed with a better lifeand belongs to a middle class family, it was clear for him how Filipino people suffered from the hands of the Spaniards who […]

Web services

1. What search engines are used by the site www.dogpile.com to return results on Internet searches? Google, Yahoo, and Yandex are used by the site www.dogpile.com to return results on Internet searches . 2. For the remainder of this worksheet complete the following table as it relates to finding personal information about yourself on the […]

Better and Effectiveness

1 | P a g e Efficiency vs. Effectiveness: Defining the Difference Almost every organization, be it a corporation, non-profit or government strives to be more effective and more efficient. Organizations often make important strategic and operational decisions based on how different alternatives will increase or decrease efficiency or effectiveness. But many organizations and managers […]

Health and social care

Understand the role of the social care worker Ai . Explain three differences between a working relationship and a personal relationship. -In a working relationship I am unable to express my opinions in an argumentative way. I must stay professional at all times which mean’s no confrontational behaviour and also take other people’s opinions into […]

Forest conservation in India

Forestry in India is a significant rural industry and a major environmental issue. Dense forests once covered India. As of 2014, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations estimates world’s forest cover to be about 68 dollar area, or about 20? % of the continent’s area. In quantity terms, however, the average forest […]

Healthcare Reform and Its Impact on the Delivery System

Health Care Reform and Its Impact on the Delivery of Services If you are in the healthcare industry, you have probably heard some rumblings about the Health Care Reform of 2010, coolly referred to as Affordable Care Act, or Obama care. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) was enacted by the United States […]